Add your couples drama to the list of things to leave at home before you board an airplane.

A recent flight from Dallas, Texas to Fort Lauderdale, Florida had to be diverted after a domestic squabble escalated into someone throwing a cell phone and putting the entire flight in danger.

WPLG-TV reports that it all started when a man and woman travelling together started arguing. Things escalated and the woman reportedly hit the man with her cellphone.

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I wish they'd tell us what brand and model of phone and case she was using, because I want to avoid them at all costs.

After she whacked the dude with her phone, other passengers noticed that smoke started coming out of it.

WEAR-TV reports that the smoke was enough to cause an initial report that there was an actual fire inside the plane. Thankfully, that wasn't the case, but who knows would could have happened if the phone had been tucked into a purse or pocket before anyone noticed the smoke.

I shudder to think.

Southwest crew members were able to get the battery into a containment bag that prevented things from getting any worse. Thanks their quick thinking, the plane was able to make a safe landing in Pensacola.

However, the diversion cost other passengers hours of their lives, and all thanks to a couple of people being childish at 32,000 feet.

No injuries were reported, but I'm sure a few people wanted to throw something at the folks who caused the trouble.

Flying is stressful enough. If you're going to have an argument, do it on the ground in the food court like a civilized person.

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