Let me preface what you're about to see with a disclaimer that I'm neither light nor nimble.  Keep that in mind when you watch this video of me getting my Hydro Fly on.

You've seen the YouTube videos. You've heard your friends talk about it. Now is your chance to be one of the first in 2014 to fly above Belton Lake like Iron Man with Hydro Fly of Central Texas.  I got a chance to fly last year, and I can't wait to get back up in the air this year.  You don't even have to wait for Memorial Day to get started.  Hydro Fly of Central Texas is open now, and during the Seize the Deal Auction going on through Friday you can save big bucks.

Bid now, and come Friday you could be one step closer to living out your dream of flying through the air.  Parris will get you up in the air in no time, and this week only you can save big on a Hydro Fly package.




Now see how the real pros do it.