Hopefully by now you're privy to the fact that we're obsessed with abandoned stuff in Bell County and all around Texas, so when we came across beautiful drone footage of the abandoned, post-apocalyptic-looking water park in Midland, TX we just had to share.

The abandoned water park in west Texas was once known as Water Wonderland before it was bought out and renamed Hero's Waterworld. It shut down for good in 2007. Texans all over have sounded off about how they used to love the park as a kid and wish it were still around for their children to enjoy.

There is even a Facebook group called Bring back Water Wonderland with over 8,100 followers, so it had to be pretty good, I imagine.

But for now, we can appreciate the abandoned ruins through these videos.

We highly suggest not trespassing the property if you're ever in the neighborhood, but the park is definitely a destination for geocaching the 'Ghost of Water Wonderland'. Many have explored the area - just don't go at night as you never know what might be lurking in the shadows.

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