For many kids there's no greater thrill than seeing yourself on the jumbotron at a sporting event, or better yet getting the call on your cell phone that you've just been spotted on TV.  As an adult the thrill is gone and the fear of being caught doing something stupid overtakes your mind.

As an adult at a sporting event the only thing that's going to get you on the jumbotron is dancing like an idiot or kissing someone on the Kiss Cam.  It's the same scenario at stadium after stadium... random fan talking to someone next to them when suddenly they get a tap on the shoulder, turn and see themselves on the jumbotron.  Right about the time they start to wave the camera switches to another group of fans.  Your 15 milliseconds of fame is suddenly gone, and you barely got a glimpse of you in all your sweaty, ballpark glory.

The questions then begin to run through your mind.  Was I picking my nose?  Did they get my good side?  Did one of my wife's friends see me with my mistress?  That's a lot of stress to handle just for a few moments on the big screen.  Multiply that stress by thousands and you'll understand the pressure that comes once your phone rings and someone tells you that you were just on national TV.  What was I just doing?  Do I have nacho cheese stuck in my beard?  Did they catch me leaning to one side as I passed gas?  Lots of good questions that will have to wait until you get home to see it on DVR.

Imagine your surprise when you wake up the next morning, sober and a little hungover, and see TV footage of yourself on ESPN and online, scarfing down the few remaining kernels of popcorn.  We all turn the bag upside down to get the final few chips or popcorn pieces, but we don't do it at the ballpark with dozens of HD cameras around.  The camera that spotted this guy was probably 100 yards or more away from this display of Americanism.  He never saw it coming.  Now he's known as the drunk guy that wanted the last of the popcorn just a little too bad.



All I can say is I'm thankful he's not a fat guy.  As fat guys we all take heat when one of us is seen putting on an eating display like this.  It just goes to show that we're all fatties at heart when booze is involved.