This is the time of year we hear a lot about dogs being terrified of fireworks, and Ford is working on a way to keep your thunder buddy calm and cozy during loud situations, including thunder. The inspiration came from noise-canceling technology the company is already using in some vehicles.

Ford Europe
Ford Europe

Almost 50% of dogs have a tendency to show signs of fear when they hear fireworks and that usually means their owners are stressed out as well.

The folks at Ford Europe are researching a noise-canceling kennel based on the same kind of technology in use in cars and headphones. This noise canceling feature is being put to the test as these new kennels are smart enough to cancel out the sound of fireworks and thunder.

The way it works is that once the microphones inside the kennel detect the sound of thunder (or fireworks), the built-in audio systems pump out opposing frequencies that cancel out the noise almost completely. High-density cork is a crucial part of the design. The result is a much less-stressed pet and a much better start to 2019 for you and your dog.

Graeme Hall is a dog trainer in the UK who is helping with the project and he says, "Many animals find fireworks scary – and compared to people, dogs can hear things that are four times further away, and across a much wider range of frequencies. Preparing in advance of firework displays is the key – and part of that is to identify a place where your pets feel safe and happy.”

Anyone driving around in one of the Edge SUV's is already experiencing the same type of noise-canceling technology. When the microphones pick up high levels of noise from the engine, the technology pumps in opposing sound waves from the car's audio system.

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