Civilian and military Firefighters have been busy since July 17th fighting wildfires on ranges inside Fort Hood. They are now nearing the end of their hard work according to post officials.

According to a press release from Fort Hood, the Directorate of Emergency Services fire personnel estimate they have achieved more than 80 percent containment of the wildfires as of Thursday afternoon. Firefighters have used 8 helicopters to suppress the fire from the air and 6 military bulldozers on the ground to fight the 8,500 acre fire.

“The use of past and current prescribed burns as a preventative measure to deny fuel to the fires, as well as a favorable wind direction, along with the extensive ongoing efforts by fire and military personnel have helped stop the range fires from spreading,”  -Sergio Campos Fort Hood Fire Chief

We want to send a major thank you to all the hard working men and women from our local fire departments and Fort Hood!

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