Fort Hood's Mega Career Fair already has over 180 employers and schools ready to set up shop on May 20, at Club Hood.  If you can get on post, you can go!

Those without a Fort Hood sticker must get a visitors pass from the Visitors Center. Don't wait until the last minute, you can get one now. The Visitors Center is open 24/7.  I would go late night or on Sunday, when there is usually no line.

Now back to the Mega Career Fair. It's Wednesday, May 20 from 10-3 at Club Hood. Best time to go is between 10 and 1. Some employers start packing up around 2. You can check out a list of the employers on the ACAP Facebook Page. You will actually find links to the various employers, so you can see what they are all about.  Plus ACAP has the company table numbers on Facebook, so you can find them quickly at the career fair.

The Fort Hood Sentinel May 14 edition will also have a map of the employer layout. It's free at any of the Killeen area Walmarts.

We are telling you all this stuff a week early so you can plan which employers to talk to and what questions to ask.


Fort Hood Mega Career Fair 2014/ Fort Hood Sentinel


Companies will be hiring locally, for jobs around the state, across the USA and outside the country too. Not just war zones, but other locales like Japan and China. You could even find work back in your hometown.

These are not entry level positions. Most of these employers want seasoned vets who can put their military experience to work.

Get your best job seeking outfit ready, Military you can wear your ACU's. Civilians please no shorts and T shirts. You may need resume's so have some copies ready.


Fort Hood Mega Job Fair 2014/Fort Hood Sentinel


There is no parking at Club Hood for job seekers. There will be shuttle buses to and from Hood Stadium and Warrior Way PX.  There is also parking about two blocks away. That info is also on the ACAP Facebook page.

For more information contact Bob Schumacher at 254-288-0827 or the Fort Hood SFL-TAP Office at 254-288-2227/5627 or 553-6363.