Last week, Los Angeles Times reporter posted a very lengthy and in-depth article about fast food french fries and where they fall in a list of power rankings. These rankings are based on better texture, worse texture, better taste, and worst taste. Check out the power rankings and see some of our agreements or rebuttals against the list.

Lucas Kwan Peterson / Stephen Lurvey
Lucas Kwan Peterson / Stephen Lurvey

In the article, Peterson lists Steak n' Shake fries as the best fries as they have the best texture and taste. Following closely behind are McDonald's and Del Taco. It is my professional fry lovers opinion that this is 2/3 completely wrong. When McDonald's fries are fresh, they are the best there is. No comparison! I've never had a Del Taco french fry in my life, so that doesn't even fall on the list for me. And Steak N' Shake fries are just, to thin and not as filling.

Another discrepancy is he has Chick Fil A as one of the WORST french fries on the market. What kind of madness is he talking? When these fries are cold and bland, then no they aren't great. But I would take a Chick-Fil-A over ANY of the top listed fries any day.

What do you think about this list? Agree or disagree?

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