Last week, Johnny Football's dad said his son was a druggie with a not-so-bright future. Flash forward, we see these July 4 weekend pics from Meri Margaret Manziel, sister of the embattled player.

Everyone in the world thinks they're a freaking celebrity, even the kid sister of the player redefining the phrase "Hot Mess" to all-time new heights. I don't see much concern in these photos for the plight of her sibling.

Right now, America is so paranoid of saying the wrong thing and possibly offending people that we refuse to say the obvious: the superficial has taken over, the wrong values are being championed, fame and fortune for their own sakes are preferable to the hard work which defines the journey to success - and having money, even undeservedly so, is to be worshipped.

True? Possibly. Even more true in my humble opinion: she's only kinda hot and too skinny.