A Veteran once stationed at Fort Hood is calling out an area jeweler for stealing back an engagement ring he paid for.  

Ray Rodriguez bought his wife's engagement ring from Kay Jewelers in the Killeen Mall. It cost $1,500 back in May of 2013. It's value was certified at the time of purchase, and the rings serial number was engraved on it. Rodriguez then had the ring re-sized right away to fit his wife's finger. Looking back on it, that's when he says things went wrong.

Fast forward to 2016. Ray and his wife now live in San Antonio. Mr. Rodriguez recently took his wife to a Kay Jewelers location in their new city to upgrade the Tolkowsky engagement ring.

According to the Kay employee in San Antonio, this ring wasn't the same one Ray had purchased in Killeen. Sure it was the same size, but there was no longer a serial number and the value of the item was now $300. The couple believed the actual piece of jewelry they had bought was switched with the cheaper ring when they had it re-sized in the Killeen Mall

Despite several phone calls to Kay Corporate headquarters, and even a call to the better business bureau, Rodriguez is only being offered $300 by the store who originally billed him $1500.

What's worth a look are these reviews on the Kay facebook page! Yikes! At the time of this post there are more than "a few" unhappy customers. Kay Jewelers replied saying they are looking into the various complaints.

Rodriguez says he wanted to speak up before something like this happened to another soldier in the area.


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