Central Texas you make sure to mark the dates of January 28 through the 30th because the always hilarious  Desi Banks is going to come to Central Texas and shut it completely down I’m sure of it! I don’t know what you have planned during those specific time frames, but scratch that out of you plans that weekend and get your butt down to Twice as funny comedy lounge. If you’re not familiar who  Desi Banks is he is a Internet sensation, He’s also been featured on the award winning and all star podcast 85 South, last December he starred and directed a Christmas Comedy called "The Banks Family Christmas", and he’s done hilarious collaborations with  the likes of B Simone!

Courtesy of You tube
Courtesy of You tube
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Desi Banks is on the rise to becoming the next Mike Epps, I mean his skits alone are absolutely hilarious and his talent most definitely speaks for it’s self! Desi Banks said  this is his first time coming to Central Texas, he actually wasn’t even aware of Killeen, so we got to show up and show the heck out when this man gets here ,and show him all types of love because he’s going to put on a heck of a performance that I can promise you!


You can go online to Twice as funny comedy lounge website to purchase a ticket I suggest that you get them while they are still here, because Desi  Banks is for sure to sell out.  Make sure to also be listening this week to see if we are giving a tickets. Come get that funny bone tickled at Twice as funny comedy lounge January 28 through the 30th hope to see you there!

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