We've got several Game Night Highlights from Big D and Bubba's Game Night waiting for you over on the US 105 Youtube channel and down below. One of our favorites was "The Belton Song" Big D and Bubba ask members of the audience to shout out things about the city of Belton. Patrick then writes a song on the spot including all the items mentioned by the audience at the Beltonian Theater.

Some of the things called out by the audience included:

  • The Gin
  • The Jail
  • Millers BBQ
  • 4th of July Parade
  • UMHB Football
  • Everything is Haunted
  • Bodies in the Lake
  • The Expo Center
  • Dead Fish Grill

Here are some of the highlights from Big D and Bubba Game Night at the Beltonian Theatre!


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