We've got several Game Night Highlights from Big D and Bubba's Game Night waiting for you over on the US 105 Youtube channel. One of our favorites was "The Belton Song" Big D and Bubba ask members of the audience to shout out things about the city of Belton. Patrick then writes a song on the spot including all the items mentioned by the audience at the Beltonian Theater.

Some of the things called out by the audience included:

  • The Gin
  • The Jail
  • Millers BBQ
  • 4th of July Parade
  • UMHB Football
  • Everything is Haunted
  • Bodies in the Lake
  • The Expo Center
  • Dead Fish Grill

If you did not get to join the guys for Game Night they left behind some autographed Game Night posters. You can find out how you can win one with the button below!