Trisha Yearwood won't be forgetting this birthday anytime soon. While out on Garth Brooks' World Tour, her husband and a crowd of 16,000 sang her 'Happy Birthday,' in addition to a few surprises.

Yearwood turned the big 5-0 on Sept. 19, and she just so happened to be with her husband in Atlanta to celebrate. In front of their huge crowd, Brooks invited fans to join in on a song, but that wasn't all he had planned for his No 1 lady: he also had a big cake in the shape of Georgia brought out! Yearwood is a Georgia native, hailing from the town of Monticello.

"There were a bunch of guys that wanted to bring you something tonight, but they were all busy playing their last game of the season," he tells Yearwood in the video above. "They know how big of a fan you are ... so lets start with this right here."

Brooks then pulls out a wooden Louisville Slugger bat from the Atlanta Braves. But he still wasn't done! Next was a signed jersey from a Braves legend, Dale Murphy, which caused Yearwood to excitedly jump around on stage while her husband read a personal note from the player. She also got her own official Major League Baseball jersey with her last name printed across the back and the number 19 (presumably for her birthdate), which Brooks helped her put on for the very first time. Once she was wearing it, the crowd broke out into the Braves' famed Tomahawk Chop. Yearwood even joined in for a chant or two.

The audience got some surprises of their own during the show, since Kelly Clarkson was also there and helped to pass out cake to the concertgoers. Enjoy this sweet video of Brooks' special surprise for his wife!

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