Through the years, Gary Allan has had his share of bus troubles. His new tour bus was dinged up this week in an accident before a show in Birmingham, Ala. The 'It Ain't the Whiskey' singer tweeted a photo of a crunched cargo door while letting fans know everyone is okay.

There's no reason to believe the scrape will keep Allan from planned shows in Mobile and Hollywood, Fla. this weekend. The 45-year-old will keep busy through October before his schedule tapers off in November and December.

This latest accident was far less severe than what he and his crew experienced in 2009. A tornado swept through the Big Valley Jamboree in Alberta, Canada that August, totaling his tour bus and much of his band and crew's equipment. Other bands performing at the Jamboree stepped up to loan him gear so his show could go on.

"We came out of Canada that weekend as just a bunch of dudes with dreams," he told the Boot six weeks after the incident.

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