The Gatesville 4H community honored the memory of Clancy Lawhorn last week when lambs raised by the 16-year-old helped raise thousands of dollars for local scholarships.

Clancy passed away after a car crash last December, and almost immediately his friends knew they could help his family by continuing to raise the lambs that Clancy was preparing to show in Coryell County. One of the lambs sold for nearly six-thousand dollars, and the total bids helped raise almost $28,000 dollars for scholarships in Clancy's honor.

Clancy's friend Hallie Foot spoke to the media about the effort. KWTX reports that Hallie said, "People who didn't even really know Clancy, they told me that it even spoke to them what I was doing. They asked me why I did it, and I was just like, God told me that I needed to do that".

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