Lone Star - the Official beer of Texas! Made even greater by the lesser known "Lone Star Bottle Cap Puzzle game".

Why do I say it's not so well known? Try going to a bar and ordering a bottle of Lone Star. 9 times out of 10, your bartender will throw the cap away as soon as they open the beer because they don't even know this game is under the cap. Hardly very Texas of them, so speak up and ask them to save you your puzzle cap. Let's try a few!

There are hundreds of puzzle caps in circulation, and in the last 2 or 3 years I've never seen the same cap twice. Of course the more you drink, the harder the puzzles get. That's where the "Lone Star Beer Bottle Cap De-coder" comes in. Available in most app stores for free. If you get stuck, the answer is a couple clicks away.

Lone Star Beer. It's Christmas gifts done right!

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Answer Key:

#1: Wait Till Next Year, #2: A Bucket of Beer, #3: Fire at Will, #4: Organize a paper drive, #5: Once over lightly