Blake Shelton's hit song "Ol' Red" came up Monday on the afternoon playlist and it immediately reminded me that Blake wasn't the only country music superstar to record this song. I remember this song specifically from the late George Jones's 1990 album, You Oughta Be Here With Me.  I did a little research and discovered the song was written by James "Bo" Bohan, Don Goodman and Mark Sherrill.

Of course, Blake made the song "his own" with his version and released it as a single from his self-titled mullet-covered 2002 album.

After a little bit of research, I also found yet another country music superstar who recorded this apparently very popular tale of the randy Redbone Coonhound! I give you...KENNY ROGERS!

I think I might have to admit openly to the entire internet that I like Kenny's version the best.

Who knew?