Five Texas towns, three of which are in our greater Central Texas area, have made the United States Census Bureau's list of top fifteen fastest-growing suburbs in the entire United States.  Georgetown, in neighboring Williamson county tops the list as America's fastest-growing suburb of a major metropolitan area, in this case the Austin/Round Rock metropolitan statistical area.

The other central Texas cities on the list were Pflugerville and New Braunfels.  Dallas suburb Frisco made the list as did Houston suburb Pearland.  No other state in the union had as many cities on the list.

Image courtesy U.S. Census Bureau

Despite recent adversities in the petrochemical and oil industry, it's obvious the boom is still on in Texas, specifically in our part of the state.

Arizona and California were tied as the states with the second most number of cities in the top 15 list.  Each of the states placed two cities on the list.  Once again, California and Texas are pitted against each other in the economic growth battle. And not to be completely uncouth, but Texas leads again.

The Census Bureau has released a whole slew of stats based upon analysis of 2015 data. If you are fascinated by statistics, this is hours of fun reading. If you're not,  sleep well knowing via my assurance that the stats concerning Texas continue to look great.

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