KILLEEN, TEXAS: We don't know the details of what led up to this incident, but I'm guessing there might have been more to this story than meets the eye (or nose, in this case).

Maybe she was just treating this guy like a rug from the old days, when you had to beat things to clean them. The bottom line? She did not care for his manly scent.

The Killeen Daily Herald is reporting that Elena Sabrina Taulealea Tavai of Killeen is accused of assaulting a man who refused to take a bath.

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Police Say Tavai Admitted She Attacked Victim

Maybe he just wasn't in the mood for a soak.

The victim told police that after he did not get into the bath Tavai prepared for him, she not only attacked him, but attempted to stab him as well. He said he used a metal chair to defend himself.

Tavai reportedly admitted to police that she did in fact assault the victim by striking him in the face, and continued to beat him after he hit her in retaliation.

According to the arrest affidavit, Tavai admitted taking a knife from the kitchen and then tried to stab the victim with it.

Tavai has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon, which is a 2nd degree felony, and her bond was set at $85,000.


Maybe The Victim Has Ablutophobia

An estimated 19.2 million adults in the United States are affected by specific phobias, according to

Ablutophobia is the overwhelming fear of bathing, cleaning, or washing. It’s an anxiety disorder that falls under the category of specific phobias, or irrational fears centered around a particular situation.

However, ablutophobia is more common in women and children than in men, so it's more likely that he just didn't want to take a bath.

Guess that water is really cold now.


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