The Insane Inflatable 5K is just a few weeks away. Ticket prices will jump again on April 1st, so stop procrastinating. Get them now and have the time of your life. After this you’ll have trouble ever running in a “normal” 5k race again.

The way it works is, in case you don’t know, we’ve set up a 5K course. This is just like other 5K races, except we put inflatable obstacles in your path. So not only do you have to run a 5K, you also have to climb, slide, high-step, and other things people in some kind of shape do when they exercise.

The race itself will be held at Pepper Creek Trail in Temple (546 N. Kegley Rd.). And here’s a Big Q Tip for you. Carpool. The insane people will charging for parking, so the more people you can fit in vehicle the better your pocket book will feel.