Staying indoors during a thunderstorm is common sense due to the danger of a lightning strike, but in case you need another reason, you can add "it brings the gators out" to the list.

Alligators listen to mom and don't swim during the rain. So when a Houston gator was getting out of the pool to find safety, it failed to look both ways before crossing the street and was struck by a car.

A professional gator wrangler was called and took the reptile to Anahuac - the "Alligator Capital of Texas" - to be treated for its injuries. It is believed that it will be alright. At around 9 feet and 550 pounds, its size is what probably helped it survive the hit.

Yikes! Well, at least the rain doesn't bring stuff like that out around here. We'll probably be seeing some extra toads around though, so watch out!

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