I’ve always felt that I’m a simple woman who likes simple things. That being said, when it comes to gift shopping for me, I only have a couple of rules. This might not be in a popular opinion to some people here in beautiful Killeen, Texas, but I know there’s somebody out there who can feel me in this situation. There is such thing as a terrible gift, and there is such thing as saying you gave me a terrible gift!

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Here are my top three gifts that you should not give during the Christmas season.

#3: A Bible

If I unwrap a square like a gift and it is a holy Bible, I will have a holy cow.

Please don’t get me wrong: I love my Lord and Savior, and I do understand that we are celebrating his birth and the giving spirit of his life, but not even Jesus Christ received a Bible for his birthday. He even got gold, which means the three wise men understood the assignment.

Maybe if it's someone's first Bible or a personalized copy, but try to think of something unique to the person you're getting or making a gift for.

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#2: A Gym Membership

The best way to show someone you love them is not to remind them that they are out of shape. Do not, under any circumstances, give your significant other a gym membership unless they expressly asked for one for Christmas, or you will be asking for a breakup or a divorce.

If they asked for the membership or a workout machine, that's ok. But out of the blue? That's just not right.

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#1: Lingerie

The last and my least favorite, my top rule on gift-giving for the holidays that could not possibly be a great idea, is to give me lingerie. My first thought is this gift is not for me - this gift is for you.

What if I feel self-conscious in the lingerie outfit? Is that why you got me the gym membership? My second thought is, you are cruising for a bruising!

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Happy holidays, Central Texas!

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