Guys…c’mon. If you cheat these days, you will get caught. And if you get caught, you will end up on the internet.

Take this poor guy from Hong Kong for example. Not only has his public shaming been uploaded to YouTube, but it’s gone viral too. That means we can all gather around a co-workers monitor and laugh at him when we should be faxing something. Well, all of us except for his girlfriend. She’s in jail.

This video, which has exploded across the internet since it was uploaded Sunday, shows a 20-year-old woman repeatedly delivering hard smacks to her boyfriend while another girl, presumably the “other woman”, looks on. The woman accuses the guy of inviting another girl to their apartment, slapping him several times as he meekly asks the other woman to confirm what he’s saying.

The video has surpassed 128,000 views. Shortly after it was shot, the girl was arrested and charged with “common assault”. We can only hope her girlfriends bailed her out before taking her out for a night of margaritas and ex-bashing (figuratively speaking).