The next time you think you can’t do something, think about Kayla Wheeler.

The 16-year-old girl from Lynwood, Massachusetts is a record-setting swimmer who just so happens to have no legs and only one arm.

Kayla, who was born with a trio of congenital amputations, currently owns the Paralympic world record in the 50-meter butterfly and has jumped in the pool for races in places as far and wide and Mexico, Brazil and the Netherlands.

"I like being able to represent my country. That's amazing breaking records and getting medals, but I like being out there as a role model too," she said.

Her mother, Joyce, has done a great job of instilling a positive attitude in her daughter:

We always told her there is nothing you can't do, we just might have to figure out a different way for you to do it and she has pushed the envelope.”

Aside from swimming, Kayla, whose good grades and accomplishment in the pool earned her scholastic All-American honors, keeps herself busy by bowling, skiing and playing basketball.

For now, though, she has her sights set on the International Paralympic World Championships in August in Montreal.

Best of luck! Watch a report on Kayla's amazing story below.