It's always best to begin the year on a down note, so the rest of the year seems "Happy". Here's an horrific image to help bring you down in January.

So, you think your kid is weird. Oklahoma parents say..."Hold my beer and watch this."

Shelby Counterman has an obsession for cockroaches of all things. She likes the way they tickle her skin when they walk on her. She enjoys hissing back at them.

If you Google "What are cochroaches good for" you'll find out that they are a catalist from turning dead plants, animals, and animal poop, back into the soil. You see, they eat the dead and waste, then their poop nourishes growing plants. They seem to be an important cog in the circle of life.

Wow. I thought they were just for humans entertainment as we watch them die when we spray them with RAID Roach Killer. OOPS.

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