Scott Mackintosh was so upset when his daughter refused to change out of the shorts,  that her mother had deemed too short, before the left their house that he took matters into his own hands.  No, he didn't make her wear a sign like the mother in California, he went and altered a pair of his own jeans to make his point.  

In a ironic twist the girls name is Myley.  She wrote on her blog that her mother had told her to change her 'slutty' shorts and when she refused her dad cut his so that they could match.  

I'm not exactly sure that I would cut my jeans like this to prove a point like Scott did, but I can't argue with his logic.  He said that he did it in hopes that his daughter would know his great love for her and that she knows her own great worth.  He hopes this helps girls everywhere know their worth.

The line he said that I do absolutely agree with was that he would look like an idiot any day if it gets his point across!