Give your kids brain food before you ship them off to school.  Here's an easy breakfast idea they might like.  I would say they'll love it, but hey, there your kids, and really, who can figure them out.


Smoothies!!!!!  They might see you drink them.  Or they might see you drink Margarita's and you just tell them it's a smoothie, either way, smoothies seem adult.  As a bonus, they're quick and easy.  Give your kids a delicious mango strawberry smoothie in the morning, but be sure to add in some ground up flax-seed.(You can add veggies too if you want to be evil, who would know, it's a smoothie) It'll taste great, and, congrats, you've just snuck by some healthy brain food that will help with concentration, which will help them learn more.  Keep the fun going on the Weekends by freezing the smoothies and making them into lolly-pops.  Brain on a stick.  They'll love it

.  Maybe. Who can tell these days.