If you love to ski, and you love escalators, then you'll really love this.

Being a big guy, I'm not athletic enough to enjoy skiing. The one time I did go skiing, by friends parked on top of the hill so we had to ski down to get our ski lift tickets. It was a tiny hill, but it took me 30 minutes to get down.

I'm up!

I'm down!

I'm up again!

I'm down again!

In the end the only way I could stay up on the ski's was to go into a tuck position. I called it the f**k it tuck it rule. It ended up being one of the worst experiences of my, only to be eclipsed by walking into the gas chamber during basic training.

But then there's escalators. Being a big guy, I love me some escalators. Stepping without even lifting my leg. What could be better? I have a grandmother who is deathly afraid of them. She truly believes the escalator will eat her alive. I always thought that was an unlikely fear until I saw this.

Daniel Freed Schwartz decided to combine the thrill of skiing and escalators in this GoPro video.