Governor Greg Abbott told the Twitter Universe that he has come around to the idea of pulling the plug on red light cameras in Texas. The Star-Telegram shared Abbott's twitter post that reads, "More & more I think it’s time to do away with Red-Light cameras in Texas."

Abbott's tweet links to a story out of Ohio that refers to a study that shows red light cameras actually cause an increase in accidents at some intersections. It's a feeling that is picking up more steam in Texas. Red light cameras in Arlington have been unplugged and there is support for Fort Worth to do the same. Those opposed to red light cameras say they will go ahead and push for an all-out ban in Texas during the legislative session that begins in January. The city of Killeen removed all red light cameras in 2017. 

Many argue that the cameras are unconstitutional because they accuse motorists of a violation without a human witness, and are seen as little more than money making machines for the cities that use them.

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