During a joint session of the Texas House and Senate Thursday, Governor Rick Perry stepped down after 14 years in office.

In his farewell address, Perry spoke of Texas as the ultimate land of opportunity and possibility, and urged lawmakers to work together to reach compromises in order to keep Texas growing economically and socially.

"There is not a single accomplishment I have spoken of today that occurred without bipartisan support," he said. "I believe we are at our best when we get beyond our differences and attempt to seek common ground. I speak to members of my own party in asking that you do not place purity ahead of unity."

"Ronald Reagan knew that someone who agreed with him 80 percent of the time was not his enemy, but his friend. There is room for different voices, for disagreement. Compromise is not a dirty word if it moves Texas forward. If members of this body work across party lines and put Texas first, I believe the best is yet to come."

You can see the full speech below.