With bowl season here, you wouldn’t think politicians would be making headlines in the sporting world, but they are.  They’re gambling with state pride.
Let’s face it, a politician and a high profile event go together like a fish and water.  But this time instead of making statements about the state of the economy or healthcare, it was all about state pride. 
Governors around the nation were getting into the bowl season fever by placing friendly wagers with their bowl rivals leader.  Ahead of the Capital One Bowl in Orlando, South Carolina's Nikki Haley had bet on the Gamecock’s by putting her state's brew and BBQ up against the Wisconsin Badger’s number one fan Gov. Scott Walker and his state’s staples: Beer, brats, and Wisconsin cheese.  Looks like Nick is enjoying her spoils now.
At the Outback Bowl, Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad and Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal were using their wager to do a good deed when the Tigers faced the Hawkeyes.  If LSU had lost Jindal would have been donating 100 pounds of Louisiana seafood to an Iowa food bank.  But Iowa’s loss means Branstad owes 100 pounds of pork to a charity in Jindal's state.
And, by the way, Branstad had previously stated that the pork was to be donated by the Deb & Jeff Hansen Iowa Select Farms Foundation and not paid for by the taxpayers.
Haley tried to get Ohio Gov. John Kaisich in on the action too.  South Carolina's Clemson will face Ohio State in Friday’s Orange Bowl in Miami.
Kaisich passed.  Smart guy.