The Grand Ole Opry has served up one of the coolest (at least for country fans) "Mannequin Challenge" videos yet. On Thursday (Nov. 17), the historic organization shared a minute-long contribution to the social media phenomenon that takes viewers backstage at the Ryman Auditorium.

Readers can press play above to see the Opry's Mannequin Challenge video. Viewers will get a peek inside the Ryman's dressing rooms (hey there, Marty Stuart!) and be led down the Mother Church's hallway to the stage, before the curtain rises on another Grand Ole Opry performance. Just as two crew members un-freeze to pull back the curtain, viewers will hear Opry announcer Eddie Stubbs' voice welcoming listeners to the program.

Started in late October by some students at a Jacksonville, Fla., high school, the #MannequinChallenge requires participants to stay frozen in action — in other words, they look like mannequins — as someone films a video. Since the original video was shared, a number of professional athletes, musicians and other celebrities have taken part in the social media trend.

A few country artists have taken part in the "Mannequin Challenge" since its inception: Kelly Clarkson shared her video, set in a recording studio, on Wednesday (Nov. 16), while Garth Brooks offered his take on the trend on Saturday (Nov. 12). Although Clarkson's clip only includes herself, Brooks got his band and crew in on his video, which was filmed at a concert in Richmond, Va.

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