Granger Smith releases his ninth studio album next week (April 16) -- one he calls his most ambitious project to date. 'Dirt Road Driveway' features singles 'We Do It in a Field' and 'The Country Boy Song' in addition to 10 other tracks from the pen of the the Red Dirt singer-songwriter. Listen to the entire album early via this exclusive stream on Taste of Country.

'Dirt Road Driveway' shows the evolution of Smith's songwriting. There are pensive ballads and rowdy, comical jams like 'The Country Boy Song.' Here listeners are given the official introduction to Smith's alter-ego, Earl Dibbles Jr. The dip-lovin, gun-totin' redneck also makes an appearance on 'Country Boy Love,' a song that promises to show his sensitive side.

The album's title comes from a lyric in a song called 'If Money Didn't Matter.' “Over the past couple of years of building both a family and a career," Smith says, "I've found myself asking the question, ‘What would I do if money didn't matter?’ There’s nothing like coming home at night, pulling in a dirt road driveway and falling in the arms of the girl I love. As many battles as I was ever fighting in the world, nothing was better than coming home to my little dirt road driveway to see my family. It seemed to be a good fit for the album title and summed up a lot of what this album means to me.”

Listen to this exclusive stream of 'Dirt Road Driveway' until it's available at and iTunes on April 16. The singer has a spring and summer full of live shows planned throughout the south and midwest.

Note: This stream has ended.