The Texas Summer is almost over, so it's time to plan some camping trips.

When you go camping in the summertime in Texas, odds are someone's going to the hospital with heat stroke. You're Grandma will have melted into a glob of goop to the point you'll have to scoop up the remains into an old pickle bucket and drop it off at your sisters place. The dog will abandoned you and find a family that's smart enough NOT to go camping in the summer. Which means your kids will be crying about their pet. And you'll be thinking about finding a wasp nest you can punch so you can die a quick death. That's Texas Summer Camping Trip experience.

You need to go camping in the fall, and here are some great places you should check out.

There's nothing like camping on the beach, especially if you're NOT homeless. Check out Padre Island National Seashore

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Lots of stuff to do during the day, and amazing Star Gazing at night. It's Big Bend State Park.


Get great canyon views while still staying in Texas. Head to Palo Duro Canyon. Sure you have to go to the panhandle, but trust me, it's the good part.

Palo Duro Canyon has a depth difference of up to 800 feet and the second largest Canyon in the United States

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If you enjoy camping in every sense of the horrible word, then you need to go to Colorado Bend State Park. This place is perfect for you purests with hiking, fishing, caving, swimming and more. Plus at night you can check each other for ticks.


If you like to hike and bike as much as you like to smoke and joke, then head to the Guadalupe River State ParkYou might be able to get in a little tubing as well.