Does it seem like every time you go to the grocery store you're spending a little more each time? It's 'cause you are. According to The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, prices jumped up 2.6% from March to April.

Taylor Weiter at KCENTV shares a report from the Food Industry Association, which says grocery prices are on the rise because of labor costs. The production rates have changed, and adding in the additional cost to clean and sanitize has contributed to the rise as well.

The cost of eggs have seen the biggest increase at 16.1% in the last four weeks. The already expensive cereal market has seen a 2.9% increase, which is the largest increase ever. Pork, poultry, fish and seafood, and fruit also saw a large increase of 3% or more.

While we are seeing a rise in grocery prices, some things have gotten cheaper. Clothing, airline tickets, car insurance, and gasoline are all the cheapest I can remember in recent history.  It's too bad I can't eat my shirt.

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