I know it’s not time for Pet of the Week, but does anybody want a smart , housebroken, neutered,  leash friendly 10 year old Jack Russell Terrier named Groucho?  He knows a number of commands; sit, stay, down, and shake (a paw that is).  He will play fetch all day long.   He will not eat unless you say BINGO!

He can catch a Fly Ball!/Photo by Julia Conner

Oh yeah, one more thing,  he is afraid of thunder, Fort Hood bombs and fire crackers.  When he hears those noises, he goes crazy,  jumping on furniture,  peeing on furniture!  Yes he jumped on the chair to pee on it!!! Why?????

You will need these plus a whole lot more/Photo by Julia Conner

Fort Hood bombing started around three this morning and Groucho immediately peed on the Coffee Table!   I am sick of it.  The whole family is sick of it.

He heard a boom this morning,  jumped on me as I sat at the computer, causing me to start back in the chair which slid out from under me.  I fell on the floor,  knocking my head into the book shelf and we are both lucky to be alive!!!!  It was like a cartoon, only real and PAINFUL!

His anxiety medication no longer works.   You can’t reason with him, he is a Dog.  He will never grow out of it, he is a Dog.

But other than that he will make a wonderful pet for your children.   So You Want him?

Banished to the Crate/Photo by Julia Conner

Oh Never Mind, He fell asleep. and he looks so Cute! Can't take a picture, he will wake up!