Here is a new way to get your drink on in public. Gummy Beers.

Via sugarfina

In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, Sugarfina teamed up with Corona Light and launched a limited edition of Gummy Candies.

First up is "But First, Cerveza". The gummy is shaped like a bottle of Corona Lite, and is said to taste like "sunshine in a bottle". At least that what it says on the Sugarfina website.

The other candy option is "Here For a Good Lime". It's got a shape of lime slice and is said to be "tart and zesty".

Via sugarfina

Now the bad news. WFLA in Tampa, Florida report that the candy does taste like beer, but neither flavor is alcoholic. And depression sets in.

Still, kind of a neat treat that would be nice to pass out on May 5th.