E-Cigarettes have made headlines lately for being linked to a number of deaths and the lack of knowledge we have on how they affect consumers.

Now they are in the news again - this time due to how hard it will be to purchase them. NPR recently reported that the largest retailer in the nation, Wal-Mart, will no longer put the product on its shelves. Every Texans' favorite store, H-E-B, is following by completely halting all sales.

CBS Austin reports that the grocery giant is claiming health concerns as its reason to ditch the product.

"At H-E-B, the safety of our communities and the well-being of all Texans is our top priority, due to the unknown health implications of vaping, H-E-B immediately discontinued the sale of e-ciarettes."

-H-E-B statement

Will this cause the tobacco alternative's sales numbers to decrease? Time will tell, but at least the concerns are being addressed.

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