Hailee Steinfeld is making waves in Hollywood at just 17-years-old, equipped with an Oscar nom and now the cover of Nylon magazine’s ‘Young Hollywood’ issue. Oh, and did we mention she’s BFFs with Taylor Swift?

The ‘3 Days to Kill’ actress recently shared some insight on her friendship with Swift, calling the singer an “amazing friend.”

Steinfeld told Nylon (quotes via E!), “I always get the ‘Tell us something nobody knows [about Taylor]’ question. And it’s like, we both respect each other tremendously, but we choose to keep our friendship out of the public eye. She’s a really great person and an inspiration to me and many others.”

Sounds like Steinfeld is a pretty great friend, too! We can respect the young starlets’ wish for privacy, and we’ll keep envying their shopping dates and hangouts from afar.

The friendship first blossomed a few years back when Steinfeld met Swift through fellow celeb Emma Stone. Since then, the duo has posted baking snapshots on Instagram, posed for photos together on a Red Carpet in L.A., and most recently grabbed a bite to eat in New York.

“We do just really random stuff when we are together,” the young actress told E! News. “We just love to kick back, listen to music, watch TV, bake, watch movies and all of that kind of stuff.”

All of which are regular activities for a normal teen, which is exactly how Steinfeld still sees herself.

“It is about being honest,” she revealed to Nylon. “People live different lifestyles, and I always find an equivalency: If I’m filming or going to an audition it’s [the same as] my friends going to school or dance class. I think everyone lives the same way and encounters the same sort of life.”

Her cover photo on Nylon, where’s she’s sporting spring-friendly shades of leather and denim, might set her apart from most teens, but we’re happy to hear Steinfeld is as down-to-earth as ever.