The Heisman is coming to College Station and Big Q's hair is going away.

Beat the odds like he beat Alabama

In a rare moment of common sense, Johnny Manziel became the first freshman to win the Heisman Award.  The end result is this; high expectations for next season; and a shaved head in Temple Texas.  I’ve gotten a bit cynical during my middle age and thought, for sure, that the old ex-jocks and old ex-jock wannabees would continue to keep a freshman down. After all, the vote was close…and it shouldn’t have been.


Johnny Heisman, as I’m sure he will be tagged with next season, played in the Conference that the nation considers to be the toughest, the South East, and he destroyed it.  Broke Cam Newton’s’ record setting Stats, which won Newton the Heisman, who, in-turn, broke Tim Tebows’ record Stats, which, of course, won Tebow the Heisman.  So, Johnny Manziel should have walked in to New York the hands down winner. The announcement should have been a formality, but it wasn’t.  Far from it, Johnny only won by 323 points, and only had 153 more 1st place votes.  In fact Collin Klein received 60 1st place votes.  Seriously, he couldn’t beat Baylor.  Johnny beat Alabama.  This “keep the freshman in his place” mentality is why I felt confident that Johnny would not win, and why I bet my hair.  After all, these are the same voters who gave the Heisman to Matt Leinart over Freshman Adrian Peterson.  Are you drunk?  Well, they might have been, but one thing for sure is…come Thursday my hair will be gone.


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