It is almost here, one of the most confusing times of the year for a kid.  Put on a little costume and go beggin for treats.  Say What!!!  Yes, your parents actually let you take candy from strangers! They even take you to the stranger’s house!

Don’t ask, don’t tell, I always say, just take the candy and run.

But what kind of treats will you be getting this year?  Strangers, please, buy the good stuff.  You know good and well what is good,  cause you used to go beggin from door to door yourself.  Okay. let me refresh your memory.

The kids I surveyed, (I found them in the grocery store as I was looking at candy) do not want to eat this stuff.

Babies and dieters get this stuff

Dum Dums they tell me, are for babies, and Moms who don't eat candy.

Then we have Mary Janes, Yes these awful things have a name. The kids just called them yucky, almost Peanut Butterish chunks.

They have a Name!

They also  nixed the Candy Corn and Smarties and Tootsie Rolls

No, No and No

I could not find any orange slices or Bit-o-Honey which is good.  Don’t you find any either.

My kid panel also told me to save the pretzels, cheese crackers and fruit snacks for my own kids.  The Nerve!

Okay, so what do they want?  I think you know.  Chocolate anything and Skittles. You know the same stuff you still like. They really love KIt Kats!

Make Sure it's the Fun Size

Oh and they wanted me to tell you, don’t get those tiny pieces, get the fun size.

Better yet for the few neighborhood kids you do know, get those giant full size bars.

Now this is a real treat!

This just might encourage those same kids to come over next summer and mow your lawn, for Free!

It Could Happen!