It seems AC-DC might have yet another new lead singer.

Besides the candy, the best part of Halloween are the decorations. Technology has now made it possible to get your house to sing a song or two.

The best part is the torture. You know the neighbors just dread the night-time.

"Harriet! I swear I'm going to find the most horrific song possible for Christmas and make our garage scream it from Thanksgiving till New Years!"

"Now Ozzie, calm down. You know your blood pressure."

"Yes! Everyone knows my blood pressure, yet that doesn't stop Mr. Burns from cranking his devil music. I swear he's trying to kill me."

"Yes dear. It's all about you isn't."

"What the hell does that mean?!"

"It means you're making your own damn dinner because I'm going out to the front yard and head bang!"

Old people are so much fun. It's a shame they have to die. Sometime nature sucks. But Halloween never does.