Wait a minute: 1950 was 66 years ago?! Does not seem possible.

It was on August 8th that the first Whataburger stand, founded by Paul Burton and Harmon Dobson opened in Corpus Christi. Dobson's family still owns the chain, which has grown to over 700 locations.

As many know, Whataburger was recently named the best burger in America by the readers of Fast Company magazine. A tournament of 32 regional and national burger chains recently decided the honor. The food critics of the San Antonio Express-News concurred, naming it the Critics’ Choice for best chain burger.

In the 70's and 80's, country legend Mel Tillis starred in a series of memorable commercials which played off the singer's famous speech impediment. They're guilty pleasures today.

Today's spots emphasize, community, quality and pride. They're feeling it this week.

Happy Anniversary!