With all the negativity floating around right now, it's great to be able to share a positive story about a remarkable achievement.

WOAI-TV reports that on Friday, August 15, Hester Ford of Charlotte, North Carolina celebrated what was either her 115th or 116th birthday.

According to WSET-TV, census records aren't exactly clear on whether she was born in 1904 or 1905. What we do know is that she has 12 children and over 300 other descendants, including 68 grandchildren, 125 great-grandchildren, and 120-great-great-grandchildren. That's a whole heck of a lot of people celebrating someone's birthday!

WBET-TV reports that Hester, like so many Americans this year, celebrated her birthday while physically distancing for safety. She was wheeled to the front porch, where she watched a special birthday parade put on by family and friends.

Hester couldn't say what the secret to her longevity has been, but did mention that she eats a banana every morning. One Punch Man does the same thing, so that might be the trick.

Whatever she's doing right, Hester is on track to becoming the oldest American on record. When she makes it to 119 and 97 days, she'll tie with Sarah Knauss - a Pennsylvania woman who was the oldest living American before she passed in 1998 and still holds the record.

Can you even imagine how much history Hester has witnessed? It'd be so cool to be able to sit and chat with her and get her perspective on the past and what's happening today.

If you've got an elderly relative, give them a call or see about arranging a safe visit. You can gain a great deal of perspective from people who've lived through other tense and transformative times in our nation's history.

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