Police are investigating a Christmas Eve burglary in the 200 block of Spanish Oaks Drive in Harker Heights.

Alice McCuiston was at work Tuesday when her granddaughter, who lives next door, became concerned after hearing McCuiston’s dogs barking and wandering around unattended. She went to her grandmother’s home to investigate and found a door to the home open and the living room ransacked. She then called police.

McCuiston said valuable memorabilia belonging to her deceased husband was stolen, along with an iPad and cards for her grandchildren that contained cash. Several items of jewelry were also taken, and rooms were torn apart as the thieves searched the house for valuables.

McCuiston believes those responsible were watching her and knew when she would be at work. She told a local news station that she hopes the thieves will turn the stolen items in to police, then get jobs and live respectable lives.

"Get a job. Don't prey on old people that are on fixed incomes," she said. "They need to go out and get a job, period, and buy their own items. Take the stuff into the police department and give it back and then turn around and do something good for the community. You can't live like that."

Police have increased their patrols in the neighborhood while they continue to investigate. Anyone with information is asked to contact police.