Old Dominion has dominated the country charts for the past five years. 'Break Up with Him' kicked off their string of 7 consecutive number one hits ('Snapback' reached no. 2 on US Country Airplay and no. 1 in Canada, usually Canada doesn't count, but I'll make an exception).

Their third full-length self-titled album looks to continue the chart-topping trend. Two singles have been already been on the charts,  'Make It Sweet' was the first single to rise to the top and 'One Man Band' is sure to be a number one, currently, it sits in the ninth spot.

I listened to the whole record first thing this morning and there isn't a song on it that I don't like.

I've previously heard about half the album before with the pre-releases every other week or so since August.  You get a little bit of everything with 'Old Dominion'. 'Midnight Mess Around' is a fun ditty containing my favorite line that pretty much sums the song up "A little dirty but it's hot".

But again you can't get a feel for the album from one track. There are a handful of ballads that make you think and feel. 'Some People Do' is the final track that will hit you deep in your soul. The little piano riff throughout reminded me of Frank Sinatra's version (the best version) of 'One For My Baby' and the lyrics are just as powerful.

Maybe 'Some People Do' won't be released for airplay, but that's okay, it's why I remain a fan of artists releasing full-length albums. A deep cut can make a fan feel that song is theirs and no one else's.

I love being a fan of good music more than anything. I sure as heck am a fan of this record.

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