Valentine's Day, February 14th.

Somehow, this day has become a task for men to show how much they love their significant other. A nice card with flowers and a box of chocolates are certainly a traditional way to do that, but if you are looking for ways to spice things up a bit, maybe this list can help.

This may come across as a little over-dramatic, but does anybody else feel the pressure of coming up with something fun to do for Valentine's Day?

I'm mainly talking to the guys here. Whether it's planning something for the girlfriend, wife or daughter, it seems like the responsibility of Valentine's Day falls right on our shoulders every year.

Some guys take the planning of this day as a challenge, and good for them. Perhaps we all should. Others can simply dread this day because it puts their creativity to the test. Some of us guys just aren't wired that way and may need a little help coming up with that new way to say "I Love You!"

I for one don't think there's anything wrong with a card, flowers and a heart shaped box of chocolates. Sometimes it's the simple things that can say so much but if she is expecting something a little more than that, that's where this list can help.

Dinner and a movie are fun for Valentine's Day...but you can do that on just about any date night!

Let's think "outside the box" for a minute.

Remember, romance can be found in many different ways, so there really is no limit or boundaries to what you can do.

Here are 10 "Outside the Box" ideas that can help you plan something different for Valentine's Day.

10 "Outside the Box" Ideas for Valentine's day

Celebrating Valentine's Day can be as simple as a nice card, flowers and a box of chocolates but if the expectation is for something bigger, and more creative, this list might help.

Although there is nothing wrong with dinner and a movie, let's take that idea a little further. Keep in mind, some pre-planning may be in order here but literally the sky is the limit.

There are so many ways to say "I Love You" to that special someone and for the sake of the "Outside the Box' definition, let's go with anything other than dinner and a movie.

Whatever your plan is for Valentine's Day remember, spending time together is the ultimate key. Whether you're planning something elaborate or just a simple evening in, it's really all about you and the special someone.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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