When I moved to Killeen over a decade ago, one of the first things I did once I brought my car, was leave post (like most folks, Fort Hood brought us here) and take a drive around my new hometown. I literally drove from the start of the day until just after midnight taking a look around at all the neighborhoods and like most cities, it has its rougher areas.

In that time, I've seen Killeen evolve and get bigger and better but of course with progress comes a few problems and crime is one of them. Having talked to residents who have been here longer than myself and comments on our social media pages, there are residents who feel things have gotten worse.

So I decided to take a look at a website called Neighborhood Scout which ranks neighborhoods on safety based on crime stats reported by police departments to see how things have changed and took a look at the neighborhoods found to be "most dangerous".


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    E. Veterans Memorial/S. W.S. Young Dr.

    The neighborhood between South W.S. Young and Trimmier Road is a large and very busy one with many older homes and apartment complexes.

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    N. Young Dr. / Lake Rd.

    Another one of Killeen's older neighborhoods that borders the Westcliff and Hood Army Airfield considered one of the city's most dangerous.

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    N. 8th St. /E. Dunn St.

    Bordering Rancier Avenue and Fort Hood, this neighborhood is the oldest and also one of the most dangerous in the city.