Just a couple weeks ago we were excited to announce that the Waco Mars plant produced the largest Snickers in the world, making it the largest chocolate nut bar to break the Guinness World Record.

Our very own Toni Gee had an inside source feeding her information and images as the Guinness folks approved the record. Everything is bigger in Texas, but the record wouldn't last long.

Texas has a little beef with Oklahoma, New York, and California from time to time, but now Pennsylvania is making itself an enemy of the Lone Star State.

On Friday, January 31st, Hershey's took the title away from Mars with a slightly bigger Take5 bar, according to FOX51. It took a team of 40 five days to create their 5,943-pound bar.

But let's be honest: Mars did it way better.

First of all, they put a wrapper on it.

Secondly, who wants to eat a Take5 bar, let alone a giant one? Guinness has a rule that food made to break records must be eaten.

Snickers you're a winner to me.

Via Belinda Hernandez
Via Belinda Hernandez


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