No gluttons in your family?  For some odd reason, you don’t over eat?  I’ve heard of you, never seen you, but I’ve heard of you.  You are the type of person who, when devouring a delicious steak, will stop when you’re full, how odd.  I’ve found some ideas for you to make the “leftovers” interesting.

Grilled Steak Quesadillas
New York Strip Bruschetta
Leftover Steak Sandwiches - Sliced leftover steak, warmed, with mozzarella cheese, lettuce and some condiments.
Steak Hash
Leftover Steak Soup – No soup for you? How about…
Leftover Steak Chili
Shepard’s Pie –
Beef Stew
Steak Salad
Beef Fried Rice – Instead of adding the beef first to cook, add the already cooked and cubed beef last just to heat it through.

That’s a lot of choices.  In other words, a lot of decisions.  Make life easier, eat the whole steak in one sitting.